At the age of 14, Jose began to travel extensively as a missionary. God confirmed to him a specific call to help children and families who did not know Christ and were living in economic distress. The ministry started with Jose and his family serving about 25 children 3 days a week. Using borrowed pots and pans from his parents and holding on to the vision God had placed in his heart many years before, Jose launched Esperanza para Guatemala (HOPE for Guatemala) in 2005.


God has blessed the ministry greatly over the years. HOPE currently serves close to 150 children who represent approximately 80 families, and as a result positively impact the lives of more than 1000 people in Zone 18.  

These children come every weekday to City of Hope.  City of Hope is the name of our ministry center in Zone 18.  We have converted a building located on 50 acres of woodland and farmland into an oasis for the children.  The facility has a full kitchen, bakery, classrooms, beauty salon, farm, and of course a soccer field.  It is a safe place for the children to come to every day and eat, learn, play, and draw nearer to Jesus.  

Only 1% of Guatemalan students graduate with a professional degree according to statistics provided by USAC, the national university of Guatemala. As a result, we offer daily tutoring and vocational training. We provide the children with school supplies to do their homework and projects as well as adult supervision and assistance with their assignments. In this way we motivate the children to continue their studies, learn a trade, and even dream of going to college.  

Our vocational programs include a beauty salon, bakery, sewing, and a farm.  Through these the children are able to learn a profession that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.