HOPE provides lessons Monday to Friday based on the Bible, the Word of God. We know that at HOPE, we will only achieve our mission and reach our vision of breaking the cycle of poverty through the transformation that comes from knowing our Creator and His Word as our guide. Jesus said, “Let the children come unto me and do not impede them, for they are the Kingdom of Heaven”. Every day we give our children a capsule of values and Biblical teachings, filled with love, and mixed with games to help them learn and put into practice what they’ve been taught in their everyday lives.

//school reinforcement program//

The majority of our children study in public schools. Access to public education is intended to be mandatory and free of charge. However, students are required to purchase books and supplies even while many do not have the funds to eat and clothe themselves properly. In addition, students need to buy materials to do homework and projects. This is where our school reinforcement program is so essential. At the start of the school year in January, children are provided with a variety of school materials. Throughout the school year they have access to HOPE’s school supplies in order to complete homework and projects. HOPE also provides assistance with school fees and registration costs, uniforms, school supplies, and is even the adult representative for those children who do not have someone in their home to fill that role.  The children also receive assistance with their homework from the staff and volunteers at HOPE who patiently and lovingly work with them every day.